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What is the Bridges Program?It is a federal program that helps underrepresented U.S. students make transitions from a two-year community college to a full four-year degree program in the areas of biomedical and behavioral research. The program provides support for student, faculty and institutional development activities, as well as providing enrichment courses in laboratory skills, research ethics, biomedical research techniques, technical writing, chemistry, microbiology, human physiology, calculus, computational biology, and a colloquium addressing minority health care issues.The four year institution must have a strong science curriculum and a good track record of enrolling, retaining and graduating students who pursue advanced degrees in biomedical and behavioral research.


How to Apply

Successful transfer from community college through the state-mandated Transfer Agreement requires a minimum GPA of 2.7. The SDSU Bridges program helps students achieve this goal through several enrichment courses: (1) laboratory skills, (2) research ethics, (3) biomedical research techniques, (4) science and math academic workshops, and (5) colloquia exposing students to research mentors and role models.